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  1. Property Case Manager

    Tax Certiorari for the Professional

    Every year, thousands of real estate tax certiorari petitions are filed through Done Right's Software's Property Case Manager. All of them were submitted by professional certiorari firms.
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  2. Customer Relationship Management

    Flexible and Affordable Customer Relationship Management.

    Have you tried some of the off-the-shelf CRM systems for your industry and found them to be OK, with the exception of 2-3 really important items? Then we need to talk about Done Right CRM.

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  3. Web Sites

    Build a Powerful web site for less than you think.

    The one thing worse than not having a web site is having a site that is clearly out of date.

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  4. InfoBase

    Call Intake and Agency Management for Information/Referral Hotlines

    InfoBase is software used by non-profit help lines for the purpose of crisis counseling, agency referrals, and emotional support. By taking the organizational process out of your hands, InfoBase allows these call centers to focus on what they do best; supporting the community.

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  5. PDF Integration

    Generate and store fillable forms in a secure cloud environment.

    By this time, you've probably completed a fillable PDF form and possibly even used them for your own business. However, one of the drawbacks of fillable PDF's is they can only be printed and not saved for later use.

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  6. Marketing

    Shamelessly conventional and conservative Make sure your next customer finds you on the web.

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  7. Database Expert

    Expert just doesn't describe how good we are.

    While information and data is a huge part of just about every service Done Right Software provides, it also warrants its own page.

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WaterField Farms and Done Right Software Roll Out New Order and Inventory Control System

BETHANY, Conn., -- 

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EWDC is now Done Right Software

EWDC, the technology and software company owned by Erik Wind, a Long Islan....

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Database Expert

When creating software, web sites, marketing campaigns and just about anything else, a good database or data management system is absolutely vital for success and to measure success.

Done Right Software has personnel at the very top of their field when it comes to databases and data management. While the fundamentals of database are independent of any specific technology, Done Right has experts in all of these areas:

  • Microsoft SQL Server versions 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012.
  • Microsoft Access versions 97, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2010.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL and other open source technologies.
  • Transact SQL (T-SQL) programming.
  • Data modeling, statistical analysis, report writing.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - also known as Maps.


Erik offers outstanding knowledge and experience. He provides depth and detail and has a superb grasp of technology and, most importantly, how to apply it to best serve his customers.

-Leigh Pollet, Principal at Pollet Associates